Agnes Nee-san Maji Do-S

Agnes Nee-san Maji Do-S (TIGER & BUNNY) [Esecool]

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This is a scan, not a translation. I bought this along with the Yami ni Ugomeku doujin, but it was less of a whim and more along the lines of one of the main reasons for the purchase. I have a weakness for femdom and pegging-esque stuff. Sadly, it’s something of a compilation and the other artists are not even anywhere NEAR as good as the main one.

Dragon Kid no Renai Douchuu Hizakurige

Dragon Kid no Renai Douchuu Hizakurige (Tiger & Bunny) [Yamada Pan]

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Some kind of Pao-Lin/Keith doujin. Not hentai, but it is exceedingly adorable. A friend of mine requested a translation of this, so I complied (although it took me several months to get around to it).