Mesu Psaro

Mesu Psaro (Dragon Quest 4) [Kitsunetsuki]

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In which Psaro the Manslayer, who is a hell of a lot more shota than I remember him being, is raped, brainwashed and remodeled by Evil PriestAamon, turning him into a slutty whore who only lives for dicks. Just a small CG set, much like that one Tangrowth/Silver one.

God, I wish Kitsunetsuki went back to doing his R-18 stuff…

Silver’s Springtime in Undella

Silver’s Springtime in Undella (Pokemon) [Kitsunetsuki]

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Joint with the Rabbit Reich.

In which Silver breaks into a house to take a nap, and then gets raped. This doujin is more in theme with Berserker Lenna compared to the other two I’ve worked on… and is perhaps even tamer in theme than even that!