Koumon Dou Desho

How Do You Like Asshole? (Touhou Project) [Namidame & hato]

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Joint with the Afro Scans.

In which Nitori and the Scarlet Mansion group get buttfucked, and Suwako parties too hard. I really liked the first part of this one. I had a lot of fun with Nitori’s dialogue.

That’s the official English title, by the way. I would have really just left it in Japanese, but they included it as a subtitle, so whatever.

Ririchiyo-sama no Oshiri Medetai

Ririchiyo-sama no Oshiri Medetai (Boku x Inu SS) [Sekai Kakumei Club]

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This is a scan, not a translation. It is also from Ozawa Reido (for those who don’t know, that pretty much automatically means at least a little bit of scat). Honestly, I don’t even know this series, but I bought the doujin because I like Sekai Kakumei Club, and I wasn’t disappointed on that front.