Slave Asuna On-Demand

Slave Asuna On-Demand (Sword Art Online) [Dieppe Factory]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies.

In which Elf Queen Asuna can’t satisfy herself from fantasizing about Kirito and turns to another man to slake her lust. Guess who?

This scanlation has actually been in limbo for almost a year now, only being saved from purgatory by the editing hero JustJ (of LWB fame) who picked it up and made it look beautiful. If you enjoyed this one, be sure to give your thanks to him over on the Little White Butterflies site!

Ano Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido

WaitersgonnawaitAno Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido (Robot Ponkottsu) [NULL Mayu]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies and Kalevala Scans.

In which Roll is captured by Dr. Zero. I wonder what will happen to her?

I commissioned this doujinshi from Kalevala because Null Mayu’s doujin are freaking awesome, and then I decided to translate it, and was fortunate enough to have JustJ from LWB pick it up for editing.

To explain a bit about this release, since I’m sure many of you are wondering just what the hell Robot Ponkottsu is, it’s basically a Pokemon ripoff except with robots instead of monsters. Like Pokemon, it had many only slightly differing versions of the initial game, but only one of them was localized in the west (as Robopon Sun Version). There were also sequels (that didn’t get localized), and more media such as manga (which also didn’t get localized), and this thing does reference that in places, which is why in translating I kept the original names instead of the localization ones.

Dagatsu Inumi 4

aheaheDagatsu Inumi 4 (Sekirei) [bbsacon]

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 Some kind of NTR doujin. ヽ(´ー`)┌

I’m aware that someone else scanned this one, but the attempt was pretty bad (quality aside, the scan cut off some of the dialogue, which would have made any translation attempt… difficult). To be honest, this doujin kind of disappointed me compared to bbsacon’s previous ones in the series. Still good, mind, but less so than 2 or 3. The highlights for me were less on Tsukiumi and more on Musubi’s domming of Minato. Ah, well. Enjoy.