Otokonoko Jidai Vol. 7

centOtokonoko Jidai Vol. 7  [Various]

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In which there’s even more gayness and stuff. ┐(‘~`)┌

I’ll be brief, I don’t have anything new to say on these. This magazine has both real life photos and such, as well as hentai manga and its ilk. I only scanned the manga (and the illustrations). If you want to see the stuff I did not scan (roughly half the magazine),  I encourage you to purchase it yourself (Link). Like with vol. 6, this one can also be purchased from amazon.co.jp if you feel like paying for the high shipping costs.

The contents of this release are listed below (in order of appearance):

Kimi wo Nakasetai [Shinozaki Rei]
Otouto Kaihatsu Nikki [Chinzuriina]
Cum in my mouth [Hinemosu Notari]
Imomushi [Horihone Saizou]
Mayoigo [Yotsuya Kirin]
Gama to Latex Onna to Josou Shounen [Po-ju]
Aoi Tsuki [Akatoki Banji + Yotsuya Kirin]
Ano Ko ♂ Donna Ko ♂ Otokonoko [SGK]
Pure Maid Boy [Naonao]