Kuro Maguro no Maou-sama!

deadeyesKuro Maguro no Maou-sama! (Hataraku Maou-sama!) [Neromasin]

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Joint Project

In which Maou is actually a pretty bad dude eh mind controls peopel and doesn’t afraid of anything

Putting aside the story, I feel I should comment that the editing from this is from Super Shanko and katsugawa, who were commissioned to edit it by GuroLover12. I’ve had a translated script for this sitting around for a while, but due to the difficulty of the editing, hadn’t really found someone to pick it up. GuroLover12 wanted to see this scanlated enough to commission some editing, so be sure to extend your thanks to him on the e-hentai gallery if you enjoyed it.

Yamato Nadeshiko Koushoku Onna Koudou Daihoukokusho

poutYamato Nadeshiko Koushoku Onna Koudou Daihoukokusho (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) [Sekai Kakumei Club]

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Yet Another Ozawa Reido Doujin. I have a fucking monopoly on these things, looks like. Anyway, some sort of gangbang on some girl. Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve never even seen this show before.

Akogare no Senpai ni XXX ga Haete Boku no Oshiri ga Yabai

whyyoutouchinmybuttAkogare no Senpai ni XXX ga Haete Boku no Oshiri ga Yabai [Oshiruko Kan]

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In which some dude’s senpai grows a dick on her, and he decides to be a man and blow her. Little White Butterflies did it scanlation of it, which can be found here.

Keiyakusuru nara Anshin to Jisseki no TO-A Mahou Shoujo wo

hentaiKeiyakusuru nara Anshin to Jisseki no TO-A Mahou Shoujo wo (Suite Precure!) [Sekai Kakumei Club]

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Yet Another Ozawa Reido Doujin. Not too much shitting in this one, the ladies are too busy having HLS.

Slave Asuna On-Demand

Slave Asuna On-Demand (Sword Art Online) [Dieppe Factory]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies.

In which Elf Queen Asuna can’t satisfy herself from fantasizing about Kirito and turns to another man to slake her lust. Guess who?

This scanlation has actually been in limbo for almost a year now, only being saved from purgatory by the editing hero JustJ (of LWB fame) who picked it up and made it look beautiful. If you enjoyed this one, be sure to give your thanks to him over on the Little White Butterflies site!

Suruga Play

totallyseriousyoSuruga Play (Nisemonogatari) [Aerodog]

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Scanlation from Little White Butterflies, go get it from there!

In which Suruga’s berserking in Nisemonogatari (episode 2) runs to its logical(?) conclusion.

This… has been quite a long project. I won’t bore you with the details, but sufficient to say it’s been in a state of flux for a while. Good news, though, this scan comes concurrently with a scanlation, from Chraim and Altereggo of Little White Butterflies. In fact, eggo did the majority of the work with this one as far as cleaning goes too, so it’s mostly his work here.


Kasen-chan no Oshiri ga Rambutan

pigthingKasen’s Anus is a Rambutan  (Touhou Project) [Namidame]

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Joint with Kalevala Scans and Afro Scans.

In which Kasen is a weirdo and gets raped in the butt by a piggish kind of thingy that’s totally not a self insert. Kalevala mentioned this to me a while back, and I jumped at the chance to work on another one of Namidame’s works, and asked AfroThunda to work on it with me… so here we are. As always, Afro’s editing is excellent, so doujin looks beautiful.

Enjoy the pig sex!

Dagatsu Inumi 4

aheaheDagatsu Inumi 4 (Sekirei) [bbsacon]

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 Some kind of NTR doujin. ヽ(´ー`)┌

I’m aware that someone else scanned this one, but the attempt was pretty bad (quality aside, the scan cut off some of the dialogue, which would have made any translation attempt… difficult). To be honest, this doujin kind of disappointed me compared to bbsacon’s previous ones in the series. Still good, mind, but less so than 2 or 3. The highlights for me were less on Tsukiumi and more on Musubi’s domming of Minato. Ah, well. Enjoy.

Koumon de Oshiete Patchouli

Teach Me With Your Anus, Patchouli  (Touhou Project) [Namidame]

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Joint with Kalevala Scans and Afro Scans.

In which Patchy takes on an apprentice, who soon becomes the master (of her ass). This is something I commissioned to be scanned from Kalevala, and I dug into it as soon as possible afterward. I broached possibility of AfroThunda doing the editing side of things, and he agreed, so here we are!

I do hope you enjoy this release, as it is a taste of more to come.