Ano Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido 3.14

Ano Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido 3.14 (Robot Ponkottsu) [NULL Mayu]

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Editing by JustJ

A continuation of this, which was a continuation of this, with even more corruption and stuff. This time with Yuusuke.

Ano Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido r2

shelosesAno Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido r2 (Robot Ponkottsu) [NULL Mayu]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies

A continuation of this, with more corruption and stuff.

I made a mistake with the last translation, due to not having found data on a character name and misunderstanding the katakana reading. A character in this is called Martial, but was named Marshall in the previous release. Suhmemahshen…

Anywho. Many thanks to JustJ from LWB! His editing skills are amazing, and he was wondrous enough to put them to work on both this and its prequel.


Ano Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido

WaitersgonnawaitAno Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido (Robot Ponkottsu) [NULL Mayu]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies and Kalevala Scans.

In which Roll is captured by Dr. Zero. I wonder what will happen to her?

I commissioned this doujinshi from Kalevala because Null Mayu’s doujin are freaking awesome, and then I decided to translate it, and was fortunate enough to have JustJ from LWB pick it up for editing.

To explain a bit about this release, since I’m sure many of you are wondering just what the hell Robot Ponkottsu is, it’s basically a Pokemon ripoff except with robots instead of monsters. Like Pokemon, it had many only slightly differing versions of the initial game, but only one of them was localized in the west (as Robopon Sun Version). There were also sequels (that didn’t get localized), and more media such as manga (which also didn’t get localized), and this thing does reference that in places, which is why in translating I kept the original names instead of the localization ones.


HOT HOUSE [Horihone Saizou]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies.

In which a group of kids wander into a broken down green house and meet some… oddities, and then they all get transformed and have a huge orgy. This is an insect themed H-manga from Horihone Saizou. Be VERY sure you know what that means before taking a look.

Anyway, I read this a while back and discovered not that only did I find it pretty heartwarming, but rather erotic too. Given how I’d been traumatized by some of Horihone’s stuff in the past, I’m not sure if I’ve become even more of a degenerate or if he’s been going soft over the years…

Oh, and while I’ve marked this as ‘guro’, do note that it is very much in the traditional sense instead of the usual gorey porn sense.

PreCure Elimination Request – First Part

Purikyua Haijyo Irai Zenpen (Pretty Cure) [Akuochisukii Kyoushitsu]

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Joint with Kalevala Scans and Little White Butterflies

Some sort of body modification, orgasm denial, ahegao Pretty Cure doujin. Sadly, somewhat incomplete, but the artist has noted that he’s releasing the complete edition for the next comiket. Many thanks to Kalevala for scanning this little gem, and JustJ of Little White Butterflies for doing the editing.

Her Majesty Leo’s Capture and Gang-rape

Her Majesty Leo’s Capture and Gang-rape (Dog Days) [Kitsunetsuki]

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In which Leo is beaten by some group of pig men, remodeled, mind fucked and then physically fucked. Par for the course for Kitsunetsuki’s ero stuff, really. To be honest, I’ve never seen Dog Days, and have no desire to either. My apologizes if I missed something relevant to the series in my translation.

Mesu Psaro

Mesu Psaro (Dragon Quest 4) [Kitsunetsuki]

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In which Psaro the Manslayer, who is a hell of a lot more shota than I remember him being, is raped, brainwashed and remodeled by Evil PriestAamon, turning him into a slutty whore who only lives for dicks. Just a small CG set, much like that one Tangrowth/Silver one.

God, I wish Kitsunetsuki went back to doing his R-18 stuff…

Agu-agu wo Malboro

Agu-agu wo Malboro [Kitsunetsuki]

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In which Agrias is captured and remodeled by a Malboro. This is actually one of Kitsunetsuki’s longer pixiv works, but it’s still rather short by regular doujin standards. Mind the tags, but do note that the guro one is fairly mild, with some parasites crawling into Agrias’ skin on the third page.

Yakubutsuranyou Dame Zettai

Drug Abuse is Really Bad (Pokemon) [Kitsunetsuki]

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In which May and Whitney are drug addicts, and they get fucked out of their minds. Mind the tags here, it’s a bit extreme. I’m planning on doing a few more of this artist’s pixiv stuff, so if you enjoyed this or Berserker Lenna, you should have a few more short stories to look forward to sooner or later.