Otokonoko Jidai Vol. 6

otokonoko6Otokonoko Jidai Vol. 6  [Various]

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In which there’s more gayness and stuff. ┐(‘~`)┌

Like the previous release I made for this magazine, volume 6 is half real life trap photos and stuff, and half hentai manga of them. And like before, I did not scan the real photos, just the manga (additionally, I did not scan the short stories, just the illustrations from them).

If you do want to see the parts of this magazine I did not scan, I encourage you to purchase it yourself (Link). This one, amusingly enough, is actually available for international shipping off amazon.co.jp. If you feel up to paying the exorbitant shipping price, you can obtain it pretty easy.

As an aside, I do want to note that these scans are rather low res, easily my lowest ever. They’re still very readable, but as far as scanlating goes they’re hardly ideal. If you have any plans to scanlate any of these (or Vol. 5’s), please feel free to contact me for the higher quality files.

Moving on, the contents of this release are listed below (in order of appearance):

Kimi wo Nakasetai [Shinozaki Rei]
Atsumete Asobou [Horihone Saizou]
Cum in my mouth [Hinemosu Notari]
Amai Douseiai [Chinzuriina]
Gyaru♂Chin [SGK]
Mayoigo [Yotsuya Kirin] (These are just illustrations for a short story that I didn’t scan)
Kuroi Frill wa Harukaze ni Mau [Doru Riheko] (These are just illustrations for a short story that I didn’t scan)

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