HOT HOUSE [Horihone Saizou]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies.

In which a group of kids wander into a broken down green house and meet some… oddities, and then they all get transformed and have a huge orgy. This is an insect themed H-manga from Horihone Saizou. Be VERY sure you know what that means before taking a look.

Anyway, I read this a while back and discovered not that only did I find it pretty heartwarming, but rather erotic too. Given how I’d been traumatized by some of Horihone’s stuff in the past, I’m not sure if I’ve become even more of a degenerate or if he’s been going soft over the years…

Oh, and while I’ve marked this as ‘guro’, do note that it is very much in the traditional sense instead of the usual gorey porn sense.

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