Jingai Shunman Se no Sho

Jingai Shunman Se no Sho [Niku Drill]

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At long last… The afterstories to Jingai Shunman 3 and 4. All I really need to say is that as usual, the frog girl is awesome.

One thing of note, and I mentioned this in the credits, but just to be thorough I want to mention that I’m not going to be translating anymore of the Jingai Shunamn series.

I originally picked it up since I thought the spider girl story was awesome, and it didn’t really seem like anybody was ever going to scanlate it, and then I sort of felt like I should keep going when the artist made more to the series, but… Honestly, at this point, it seems like even if I left it alone, it’s almost sure to get translated by people more talented than me. Point of fact, Jingai Shunman 2, 4, and 5 were all translated by people other than myself, and 5 was done so quickly I hadn’t even really start on my own version. I’m sure 3 would have been the same, but I plowed through that one quite quickly.

Anyway, it’s been an enjoyable ride. I hope you all found some amusement from my work, and continue to enjoy the series in future, as Thomas is undoubtedly sure to make more.

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    • Well, I don’t have any definite plans on what to do next, besides a few other already completed translations that have editing being done on them. You can expect to see a couple more Kitsunetsuki releases, a DQ5 doujin, and an old, neglected story from Finecraft69 some time in the future. Besides that, I’m just taking it easy as I usually do, with half a dozen half-started stuff that I work on whenever the mood strikes.

      I’m kind of an erratic worker.

    • Nothing as of yet. I imagine that if he does anything new, it won’t be until Comiket 82 in August.

  1. Hay i hope you see this comment cause i seem to be at a loss at finding this on my own but after reading all these works i wanted to actually own a copy of all of em but i cant seem to find any one them i managed to find 2 of the 7 books on a site called alice-books.com but the other 5 seem to sold out probably due to the age of the books but if you could point me in the right direction i would be in your debt

    • I’m guessing the two you got from Alice-Books are this one and Jingai Shunman 5? If so, you really only need to get Jingai Shunman Ko no Sho, since its a compilation of 1-2, and this one is a compilation of 3-4. (There’s nothing extra in 1, 2, 3, and 4, and in fact these compilations have extra after stories in them that weren’t in the originals.)

      However, as far as getting them goes, probably the easiest way at the moment is ordering them on melonbooks.co.jp through a deputy service. Jingai Shunman 6 is available on there too and hasn’t been scanned yet. (http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/list/MF/%E8%82%89%E3%83%89%E3%83%AA%E3%83%AB) If you absolutely need to get the originals, from casually looking around, I’d say yahoo auction is the only real place to get them, as even the rare doujin resalers I know of don’t seem to have the oldest ones in stock.

      As far as deputy services go, you can try http://yokattaweb.jp/, http://www.japamart.com/ or https://treasure-japan.com/. It’s not going to be really cheap either way (expect it to be around 1000-2000 yen for the service, plus the actual book costs including domestic shipping, plus the price of the international shipping which can vary between 1000 to 3000 for around 3 doujin depending on which type of shipping you choose).

      Hope that helps, and didn’t kill your desire to get them. Importing doujin is not a cheap or easy path.

      • Man i owe you one this should be plenty and don’t worry about me i like a little challenge