Kakugo wo Kimete

Kakugo wo Kimete [Finecraft69]

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Joint with the Rabbit Reich.

Ayako is a girl with a healthy imagination. She enjoys fantasizing that she’s the heroine as she reads hentai and furiously climaxes during her little sessions… Now, just what type of stories could a girl like that like to read?

Okay, so ignoring stuff on the release, there’s a bit of a story here. Three year ago to this month, the Rabbits and I were basically almost set to release this scanlation, and… then they disappeared. This isn’t all that unusual, to be honest, as they also had a two year disappearance from 2010 to 2012, but it’s still been a while. So, I decided to do the last few fixes myself, and post the finished product. It’s not perfect, both because I’m not that great of an editor, and because I didn’t have all the right files to edit the stuff I still had from them properly, but… Well, let’s say it’s about 95% the product it would have been, shall we?

Cheers to the Rabbit Reich, where ever they might be.

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