Nakayoshi Sanshimai!!?

Intimate Three Sisters!!? [Fujinomiya Yuu]

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Sorry, I haven’t found myself in the right mood for translating the past few weeks. Even just these few pages was almost like pulling teeth. I’ll see about fixing that soon, though. I hope.

Regardless, these pages are something extra the artist included in his tank, which you could say is something of a short after story of Sannin Shimai. As such, I’ve also included that scanlation in this release too, just because.

3 Responses to Nakayoshi Sanshimai!!?

  1. Man, you’re a god translating this >_.<). I love those happy hentai with brothers incest, so, thanks a lot translating this one. I can't help you with the translation, but if you want to go ahead with this translation, I can help you cleaning dialogue balloons or editing some other stuff. I'm really looking forward into this one. Good luck. Regards.

  2. Sorry the double comment, for some reason my previous comment wasn’t fully sent. I said that I’m a solo translator and also a editor, but not from japanese stuff because I don’t know japanese. If you will insist with that book, it will be a pleasure to help you. Again, good luck and thanks. Regards.

  3. (I’m talking about the [Fujinomiya Yuu] Kyou mo Oneechan Biyori!, the book that have that story you translated, I would love to see that book completely translated)