Jingai Shunman 5 Sniped

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So, someone did Jingai Shunman 5 before me. Looking at it, besides the typos, I don’t really see anything wrong with it. I wouldn’t have worded some things like he did, but that’s just my personal preference. So, I won’t be doing my own version.

Please, enjoy; I certainly did when I first read it a while back. The bat girl was incredibly cute despite border-lining my attractiveness scale thanks to the anorexic look.

7 Responses to Jingai Shunman 5 Sniped

  1. I had no idea anyone else was planning to do any of these past 3. :0
    If you want, I could take it off my blog and we can all just pretend it never happened. <:3

    • Oh, no! I don’t want that, if there’s a fine scanlation for it already, I’m quite happy. Hell, I hadn’t even been able to start on my translation, so there isn’t even any wasted work.

      I will admit, I’m slightly disappointed at not being able to work on it myself (since I enjoyed the story quite a bit), but reading has always been a far more enjoyable experience for me than translating, and reading in English is a lot easier to me than Japanese. So, thank you. Your work was quite enjoyable.

      • Well, if you ever change your mind and want to give a go at a translating it, drop me an e-mail if you’d like to use the same blank raws that I did. ^^

    • Well, I do like SHD, but since I’m not familiar with the series that’s being parodied, I’d say it’s pretty unlikely for me to do that one. (Although I might later familiarize myself with the series and get interested.)