GALILEE (Evangelion) [TEX-MEX]

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This is an Evangelion doujinshi that Hiroe drew a long time ago (1997), and as such the artwork is pretty rough. Don’t expect the utter deliciousness of his most recent work. I’ve been sitting on it a bit longer than I had planned; I bought and scanned it a month or two back since it’s one of the few TEX-MEX works that hasn’t been picked up yet, so here it is. Please enjoy.

The cover is a lie, by the way.

(On another note, I am working on Jingai Shunman 5. Busy though, so don’t expect it all that soon.)

4 Responses to GALILEE

  1. Thanks a lot for this. Nice to be able to see an older Hiroe doujin get scanned, although I agree that his newer art is Godly compared.

    You have any other Hiroe related scans/translations in the works?

    • I’m planning on debinding a copy of Mori-san no Gunparade March, since the current scans aren’t really that good. (Not a high priority though.) I’ve also been trying to get a hold of his second Touhou book for scanning purposes, but I haven’t had much luck finding a copy with resalers or auctions.

      Besides that, I do have thoughts of translating more of his doujin, but I can never guarantee that stuff.

  2. Thanks man. It’s not so much that Hiroe’s art is rough around the edges (Although he developed his artstyle like a champ), it’s more like like he wasn’t so good at drawing sex scenes back in the day.

    Speaking of which, Hiroe posted this on his Blog and it has some Black Lagoon related image, think he’ll resume the series after so long?

    • Hiroe has definitely improved his stuff over the years, and I love it. It’s amazing how different his stuff today is compared to his older works, not just in the art per se, but also how well he constructs his scenes.

      As to Black Lagoon… I’ll believe it when I see it. He’s supposed to break off his hiatus, but…