Jingai Shunman 4

Jingai Shunman 4 [Niku Drill]

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Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, here’s the aquatic monster girl chapter of Jingai Shunman. Turns out she wasn’t a shark girl or whatnot, but having a Mutio-like monster girl’s pretty good too. This chapter was probably one of the most difficult of the series for me in terms of translation, because the men of the nameless fishing village all speak with a certain accent. I racked my brain trying to think of a good way to translate it, but honestly… there’s no real equivalent I can use. Blargh.

Oh, and lest I forgot, Jingai Shunman 5 is already out, it got released on the 5th via Comitia99. The featured girl is blind, lives in a cave, and can fly. Can you guess what she is?

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    • I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I can’t really give you an estimate for when it’ll get done. I am working on it, rest assured, but I can’t say while I’ll actually finish it.