Otokonoko Jidai Vol. 8

sosexyOtokonoko Jidai Vol. 8  [Various]


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Gayness and what-what-up-the-butt.

I don’t post much here anymore due to laziness, but I figured this could use one at the least since I needed to explain a little. Ignoring all the usual stuff with this magazine (blah blah, has real life photos and drawn images, only uploaded drawn stuff, blah blah), this upload is a bit lacking compared to all the other stuff because half of the stuff in it has already been uploaded in tankoubons from the artists. I didn’t bother to scan those, but I will link to the chapter that was in this volume below, as well as acting as an index for the scanned stuff.


The contents of this Otokonoko Jidai volume are listed below (in order of appearance):

Kimi wo Nakasetai (Shinozaki Rei)
Jinichi Bakeku (Horihone Saizou)
Tonari no Anoko wa Ecchina Ko (Chinzuriina)
Sou Cream, Hibiki Juice (Wada Nagato)
Mayoigo (Yotsuya Kirin)
Cum in my mouth (Hinemosu Notari)
Share☆Chin (SGK)
Gama to Latex Onna to Josou Shounen (Po-ju)

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