Ako Ochi

datahegaoAko Ochi (Suite Precure) [NULL Mayu]

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Joint with Kalevala and Little White Butterflies.

In which Ako tries to save her Mama, and fails rather spectacularly. Many thanks to JustJ from LWB for once again picking up a Null Mayu doujin and doing an excellent job with it.

Shiri-Waki-Niku Odoru!

datarmpitShiri-Waki-Niku Odoru! (Vividred Operation) [Sekai Kakumei Club]

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Another Ozawa Reido doujin. Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m doing with these anymore. I like the artist, but he pretty much never does any for series I’m interested in. At this point I’m mostly just buying and scanning them because I don’t think anybody else will.


USAGI (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) [Shouchuu MAC]

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Scan, baby, scan. For some reason Shouchuu MAC has never put this one up on his dlsite account, so I decided to go out and purchase it. Not all that long, but it’s pretty tasty for what it is.

This release is partly in thanks to Kalevala, for the use of his descreen to get rid of the fugly moire that came from the color texture.