Otokonoko Jidai Vol. 4

pojuuuuOtokonoko Jidai Vol. 4  [Various]

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In which there’s gayness and stuff, but since it’s a previous volume, I guess there’s less? ┐(‘~`)┌

This scan comes in thanks to shotalover121212, who commissioned it. (I’ve only personally purchased these magazines for the SGK stories up to this point.)

As with volumes 5 and 6, this magazine is half real life trap photos and stuff, and half hentai manga of them. And as you might expect from the two others I did, I did not scan the real photos, just the manga (and short story illustrations). If you do want to see the parts of this magazine I did not scan, I encourage you to purchase it yourself (Link).

As with any of my scans, if you have plans to scanlate any of the stories in this, please feel free to contact me for higher quality images.

Lastly, the contents of this release are listed below (in order of appearance):

Kimi wo Nakasetai [Shinozaki Rei]
Onnanoko ga Osuki [Hinemosu Notari]
ONE COIN [Horihone Saizou]
Gama to Latex Onna to Josou Shounen [Po-ju] (These are just illustrations for a short story that I didn’t scan)
Mayoigo [Yotsuya Kirin] (These are just illustrations for a short story that I didn’t scan)
Ohime-sama wa Heishi Suki [Rashoujin TOC]
Koakuma Junction [Makitaaoi]
Senpai [Robu Takeru + Akatoki Banji]
Otoko hime Yakai [Kuroki Kou]

Suruga Play

totallyseriousyoSuruga Play (Nisemonogatari) [Aerodog]

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Scanlation from Little White Butterflies, go get it from there!

In which Suruga’s berserking in Nisemonogatari (episode 2) runs to its logical(?) conclusion.

This… has been quite a long project. I won’t bore you with the details, but sufficient to say it’s been in a state of flux for a while. Good news, though, this scan comes concurrently with a scanlation, from Chraim and Altereggo of Little White Butterflies. In fact, eggo did the majority of the work with this one as far as cleaning goes too, so it’s mostly his work here.