Ano Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido

WaitersgonnawaitAno Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido (Robot Ponkottsu) [NULL Mayu]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies and Kalevala Scans.

In which Roll is captured by Dr. Zero. I wonder what will happen to her?

I commissioned this doujinshi from Kalevala because Null Mayu’s doujin are freaking awesome, and then I decided to translate it, and was fortunate enough to have JustJ from LWB pick it up for editing.

To explain a bit about this release, since I’m sure many of you are wondering just what the hell Robot Ponkottsu is, it’s basically a Pokemon ripoff except with robots instead of monsters. Like Pokemon, it had many only slightly differing versions of the initial game, but only one of them was localized in the west (as Robopon Sun Version). There were also sequels (that didn’t get localized), and more media such as manga (which also didn’t get localized), and this thing does reference that in places, which is why in translating I kept the original names instead of the localization ones.

Otokonoko Jidai Vol. 5

otokonokoOtokonoko Jidai Vol. 5  [Various]

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Vol. 4 | Vol. 5 | Vol. 6 | Vol. 7 | Vol. 8 | Vol. 9 | Vol. 10 | Ura Vol. 1

In which there’s lots of gayness and stuff.

I’ll try to be concise here. This is an 男の娘 (i.e., trap) magazine that is split between real life traps, and hentai manga of them. I do not care about the real life photos or articles, so I didn’t bother scanning those. Within the manga section, there were also a few short stories. I did not scan the actual short stories either, but I did scan the illustrations from them.

In short, this scan is about 55% of the actual magazine, but everything else is either real life photos, or wordswordswords. I encourage you to purchase the magazine for yourself if either of those things interest you, as well as to support the artists and makers. (Link)

The contents of this scan are listed below (in order of appearance):

Molly House [Horihone Saizou]
Kimi wo Nakasetai [Shinozaki Rei]
Onnanoko ga Osuki [Hinemosu Notari]
Gama to Latex Onna to Josou Shounen [Po-ju] (These are just illustrations for a short story that I didn’t scan)
Mayoigo [Yotsuya Kirin] (These are just illustrations for a short story that I didn’t scan)
Otouto (Mesu) no Mezame [Chinzuriina]
King of Otokonoko [SGK]
Nasir no Himtsu Kichi [Rashoujin TOC]