PreCure Elimination Request – First Part

Purikyua Haijyo Irai Zenpen (Pretty Cure) [Akuochisukii Kyoushitsu]

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Joint with Kalevala Scans and Little White Butterflies

Some sort of body modification, orgasm denial, ahegao Pretty Cure doujin. Sadly, somewhat incomplete, but the artist has noted that he’s releasing the complete edition for the next comiket. Many thanks to Kalevala for scanning this little gem, and JustJ of Little White Butterflies for doing the editing.

Ririchiyo-sama no Oshiri Medetai

Ririchiyo-sama no Oshiri Medetai (Boku x Inu SS) [Sekai Kakumei Club]

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This is a scan, not a translation. It is also from Ozawa Reido (for those who don’t know, that pretty much automatically means at least a little bit of scat). Honestly, I don’t even know this series, but I bought the doujin because I like Sekai Kakumei Club, and I wasn’t disappointed on that front.