Agnes Nee-san Maji Do-S

Agnes Nee-san Maji Do-S (TIGER & BUNNY) [Esecool]

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This is a scan, not a translation. I bought this along with the Yami ni Ugomeku doujin, but it was less of a whim and more along the lines of one of the main reasons for the purchase. I have a weakness for femdom and pegging-esque stuff. Sadly, it’s something of a compilation and the other artists are not even anywhere NEAR as good as the main one.

Her Majesty Leo’s Capture and Gang-rape

Her Majesty Leo’s Capture and Gang-rape (Dog Days) [Kitsunetsuki]

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In which Leo is beaten by some group of pig men, remodeled, mind fucked and then physically fucked. Par for the course for Kitsunetsuki’s ero stuff, really. To be honest, I’ve never seen Dog Days, and have no desire to either. My apologizes if I missed something relevant to the series in my translation.