Ano Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido r2

shelosesAno Subarashii π wo Mou Ichido r2 (Robot Ponkottsu) [NULL Mayu]

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Joint with Little White Butterflies

A continuation of this, with more corruption and stuff.

I made a mistake with the last translation, due to not having found data on a character name and misunderstanding the katakana reading. A character in this is called Martial, but was named Marshall in the previous release. Suhmemahshen…

Anywho. Many thanks to JustJ from LWB! His editing skills are amazing, and he was wondrous enough to put them to work on both this and its prequel.


Saa, Seiyoku Minagiru Hitozuma ga Aite da!

yunogibdeborahNow, Your Partners Are Wives Overflowing with Lust! (Dragon Quest V) [misonou]

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Joint with Chocolate Scans (Editing) and Little White Butterflies (QC).

Some kind of threesome involving two slutty bitches selling themselves just to get satisfied because their husbands are useless sods. Seriously, when is this guy going to do a Deborah doujinshi!?

Chinkore Chinpou Collection (Various) [Sekai Kakumei Club]

KazesomethingChinkore Chinpou Collection (Various) [Sekai Kakumei Club]

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Yet Another Ozawa Reido Doujin. Why, yes, I do seem to be a fan. This one’s a mixture of various fandoms, featuring Kantai Collection on the front, but also has some Idolmaster and GJ Club stuff. Maybe more I don’t recognize.

Kuro Maguro no Maou-sama!

deadeyesKuro Maguro no Maou-sama! (Hataraku Maou-sama!) [Neromasin]

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Joint Project

In which Maou is actually a pretty bad dude eh mind controls peopel and doesn’t afraid of anything

Putting aside the story, I feel I should comment that the editing from this is from Super Shanko and katsugawa, who were commissioned to edit it by GuroLover12. I’ve had a translated script for this sitting around for a while, but due to the difficulty of the editing, hadn’t really found someone to pick it up. GuroLover12 wanted to see this scanlated enough to commission some editing, so be sure to extend your thanks to him on the e-hentai gallery if you enjoyed it.

Yamato Nadeshiko Koushoku Onna Koudou Daihoukokusho

poutYamato Nadeshiko Koushoku Onna Koudou Daihoukokusho (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) [Sekai Kakumei Club]

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Yet Another Ozawa Reido Doujin. I have a fucking monopoly on these things, looks like. Anyway, some sort of gangbang on some girl. Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve never even seen this show before.

Koumon Dou Desho

How Do You Like Asshole? (Touhou Project) [Namidame & hato]

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Joint with the Afro Scans.

In which Nitori and the Scarlet Mansion group get buttfucked, and Suwako parties too hard. I really liked the first part of this one. I had a lot of fun with Nitori’s dialogue.

That’s the official English title, by the way. I would have really just left it in Japanese, but they included it as a subtitle, so whatever.